Awards & Recognition

Charlene's most recent accomplishments for 2008 include the Merit Award, Philadelphia Buyer's Market, August show, given by the Rosen Group, Baltimore, MD and Maryland State Finalist,

Charlene Randolph has been a Ceramic Artist for over twelve years. She has been passionately creating functional artistic pieces that inspire light and humor in our every day lives. A recent resident to Columbia,Charlene is reestablishing her career in central Maryland , though her work can be seen in such faraway places as Malaysia, Africa, Australia, and Canada. One of her more accessible avenues of sale can be found here in Annapolis, Maryland at the ARTFX Gallery on West St.

Mrs. Randolph enjoys the thrill of entering her work in all levels of competition. Some of her accomplishments include awards in local and International arenas. One of her more intriguing pieces ," Change Purse", will be featured during the month of April at ARTFX Gallery and was part of the Whimsical Exhibit and sale this past fall at the Redbrick Arts Center, in Beverly MA. Another important achievement would be Special Recognition in the 8th Annual All Media International On line juried Art Exhibition hosted by for her ceramic lamp entitled Party Shirt 2"...., and more recently her "Vessel of Honor" piece received a similar award for 2006.

Of the five accepted works by Randolph, Professor Bradshaw states this about her specially recognized work: Charlene Randolph goes to unusual limits in her combinations of materials with a hint of split-compliments in color and major contrasts of media from hard to soft, from intricate to more plain. The idea of Party Shirt 2 in the base of a lamp is quite fun in its rather eclectic style.All five works entered can be seen on line at the web address above for the remainder of this year.

Charlene summarizes her creative style with these thoughts and words "By nature and by character I am a deeply spiritual, yet fun-loving person, and I try to reflect that in my work. Laughter is medicine to the soul. I receive great enjoyment when I combine my artistic God-given talent with whimsical ceramic art." When I sat at the wheel and began the journey that produced " Party Shirt 2" I had a basic concept in my mind of what I was hoping to accomplish. Mainly a night table lamp with personality undeniable! As the creative process began to flow, "her" personality began to emerge. One-by-one I added the elements of design, balancing stripes with polka dots, and ruffles with golden piping trim until I was satisfied that this piece radiated a complete and distinct persona. "After I finished adding the last of the details to the body of the lamp I went shopping for the perfect shade. Once all the elements of the lamp were in place and the bulb screwed in, the lamp was turned on and the beauty of the piece shone forth."