About Charlene

Charlene Charlene Randolph's history as an artist goes back to her childhood when she could usually be found with a box of crayons and a coloring book or two. Throughout her high school years she majored in art and took any and all related art classes. At that time in her life she mainly worked with two-dimensional mediums like pen and ink, acrylics and pencils.

In the spring of 1982 she received a Certificate for Commercial Art from TST BOCES in Ithaca , NY. Over the next ten years Charlene held various positions in the arena of advertising and design, and even operated her own business where she would do freelance work. She continued to refine her drawing and painting skills as she expanded her medium to include colored pencils and oils. Her work would often win honors and special recognitions in local competitions.

It was not until the winter of 1995 when Charlene returned to school at SUNY Empire State College, Ithaca campus, to complete a BA degree with a concentration in Studio Art. It was during this time that she fell head over heals in love with clay. From that time forward her passion and drive have been centered around clay and all methods of constructing functional art.

Without one regret over leaving her sable brushes and canvases for a potter's wheel and a kiln, Charlene has pursued a successful career as a Ceramic Artist and teacher. Mrs. Randolph balances most of her time between creating and marketing her own work and teaching students of all ages the fun and relaxation of getting their hands into the clay and fashioning something for use or just for aesthetics. Charlene has been selling her art ware in galleries and shops for over ten years.( for a current list click on the gallery link). She currently offers lessons through her home studio as well as being a subcontracted art teacher in public, private and community settings.( see the studio link for class information).